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  • Couples

Successful relationships take hard work! Every couple experiences difficulty in their relationship at some point. However, when difficulty becomes the norm, and everything you've tried on your own hasn't worked, it's time to ask for help. Too many couples give up before asking for help. Counseling will help you discover strengths already present in your relationship, as well as help you develop new tools and strategies to improve it.   As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I can help you and your partner address problems such as: 

Communication - Repair After Infidelity - In-laws - Parenting - Family Planning - Sexual Issues - Divorce - Co-Parenting - Blending Families    Boundaries - Child Loss - Loss of Intimacy - Miscarriage - Conflict Resolution - Money

  • Family

Families are complex.  The familly you were raised in contributes largely to how you relate to people, interact wtith the world, and conduct yourself in relationships. Family counseling can provide a safe environment to unpack and heal some of the unhealthy patterns and behaviors, that have continued in your family for generations.   Families enter counseling for reasons such as: 

Blending family issues - Family grief or Trauma - Parental conflict                Parent child conflict - Family Boundaries - Co-parenting after divorce

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  • Pre-marital


Joining your life with another's is nothing to take lightly.  Many couples find that after saying "I Do", marriage isn't what they expected.  Communication styles, values, attitudes toward money, parenting, culture, religious values, etc., are sometimes not explored before marriage.  Pre-marital counseling is important to any couple considering marriage.  Areas discussed in premarital counseling include, but are not limited to: 

​Family history - Religious values - In-laws - Money - Sex -  Attitudes about sex - Family planning - Communication - Fidelity & Infidelity - Blending Families - ​​Parenting - Marital Expectations - Friends Children - Home/Living conditions - Ex-Spouse/Partners

  • Phone Consultation

Information shared in counseling is very personal. Therefore, the counseling relationship, and fit between counselor and client, is essential to progress.  I offer a 15 min, free phone consultation if you would like to learn more about my approach to therapy, and to find out if we will work well together.   

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  • Individual

The human experience is unique for all of us.  Each of us has a story to tell and it's usually a blend of joy, loss, failure, success, angst, regret, unmet expectations, and celebrations. Therefore, the reasons people enter counseling are unique to their life experience.  Whatever your experience, counseling can be a tool to help you gain perspective and strength on your life journey. People who come to counseling struggle with a variety of issues: 

Anxiety - Depression -  Relationship Issues -  Trauma -  Divorce Domestic -  Abuse -  Sexual Abuse -  Stress -  Self-Esteem Spirituality - Sexuality -  Burnout -  Life Transition -  Single Parenting - Major Life Events