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​November 16, 2016    Brenda Lunnie-Jobe MA, LPC

7  Essentials for Building Resiliency in Your

Marriage While Blending a Family
 September 22, 2016      Brenda Lunnie-Jobe MA, LPC
So you’ve decided to blend a family.  The process of  blending a family is a complicated and emotional endeavor.  Much has been written about the dynamics and struggles of merging families upon re-marriage.  Therefore, this short article focuses only on the importance of building the couple bond

throughout the turbulence of blending a family. 

Goal Setting for 2017

​Brenda Lunnie-Jobe MA, LPC     December 16, 2016

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Boundaries Part Three
Brenda Lunnie-Jobe MA, LPC    January 23, 2017

 This short article is Part Three of a series covering boundaries. 

InBoundaries Part One, we defined the meaning of boundaries.  

In Boundaries Part Two we discussed ignored or crossed

boundaries.  In this last section, we will address setting boundaries,

and what happens when you do. 

Boundaries: Part One

November 18,2016     Brenda Lunnie-Jobe MA, LPC

This is one of my favorite topics; mainly because so many of us struggle with boundaries.  We rarely realize that a lack of defined boundaries is the cause of many of our relationship issues.  Healthy boundaries can be the key to enjoyable, lasting relationships.  In this three-part series, I’ll address the meaning of boundaries, how to know when boundaries are being ignored, and how to set healthy boundaries.

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In Boundaries: Part 1 we discussed the meaning of boundaries. In part two of this three-part series on boundaries, we will discuss how to know when your boundaries are being crossed or ignored. 

Stress And Anxiety

Dating Your Spouse

​June 27, 2016     Brenda Lunnie-Jobe MA, LPC 

Over time we get comfortable in our relationships and forget how much fun we had with our spouse while dating. We fail to remember that, the same things that attracted us to our partners, may be the very things that can perk up the relationship. 

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Goal Setting for 2017

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Boundaries: Part 2

Brenda Lunnie-Jobe MA, LPC    December 10, 2016

Because of a long and harsh presidential campaign, many of us are feeling exhausted and raked over the coals. Because of heightened emotions, bickering and disagreements with family, friends or coworkers, over whose candidate should win. 

Have you ever had a dream or intentions of accomplishing something, but year after year passed without ever coming close to meeting your target? Writing your goals down, and establishing a plan to accomplish them, has been proven to be effective.