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"The secret of change is to

focus all of your energy not

on fighting the old, but on

building the new."



Brenda Lunnie-Jobe  MA, LPC

... all it takes is asking  for help.  Askingfor help is not a sign of weakness.  It takes courage and strength to open up and share personal struggles.             

Education & Licenses

Counseling isn't easy for those truly seeking change.  It's hard work.  I enjoy being   a part of the process that helps people become healthier and excited about life again.

Throughout my career I have worked with individuals living with severe and persistent mental illness, victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, persons who have experienced loss, provided relationship counseling for struggling couples, as well as counseling for single moms trying to hold it all together.  

As a Licensed Professional Counselor my approach to counseling is somewhat of a common sense approach. In addition to education and training, I listen and "learn" people and walk them through "learning" themselves.    
Throughout our work together I will encourage you to apply the strategies and tools learned in counseling to your everyday life, because that is when the fruit of counseling happens; in everyday life.  I get a limited amount of time each week to help you change your life. Therefore, what you do after leaving my office is essential to your progress.

So let's get started.  Contact me at Jobe Counseling Service in Kansas City for a free 15 minute consultation.  

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  • Master's Degree in Counseling​
  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (Missouri & Kansas)

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